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Kickstart Your Project with the Developer Sandbox

Posted on 24 Jul 2014 by Jason Barry | Announcement

We’ve had the luxury of meeting great entrepreneurs and developers outside and inside the financial services and technology (“Fintech”) industry. Whether they just launched their startup or have been operating in this space for years, they all talk about many of the same challenges: high barriers of entry, unnecessary restrictions, and poor quality products.

Innovative ideas are at the core of new businesses and executing can be painful enough without the right services and tools at your disposal. In financial technology, that usually means easy-to-use and fast market data and a trading environment. Obtaining one or both generally requires opening individual accounts, going through rigorous approval processes and financial commitments – before you’ve even started development.

Observing this pattern over the last 2 years, we felt it was time we addressed these problems faced by new and existing companies, on their path to building their businesses. We founded Tradier with the ambitious goal of enabling greater innovation in financial services. Furthering that initiative, we are excited about the launch of the Tradier Developer Sandbox.

The Tradier Developer Sandbox breaks down those barriers of entry and puts experimentation and innovation above all.

Tradier Developer Sandbox launched last week with the following:

  • Free developer access (no brokerage account required)
  • REST-based delayed market data
  • Historical market data going back nearly 30 years
  • Managed, private and public watch-lists

We will be evolving the Developer Sandbox in our continued effort to give the world “friction-less” access to trading services and market data. Over the next couple months, we’ll be adding paper trading, virtual accounts, and streaming.

When you are ready to flip the switch, these are the same exact APIs used to power our brokerage accounts, meaning there’s a smooth transition from development to a live application. Stay tuned to this blog for updates, and if you’ve been waiting for something like this to help your idea take-off, wait no longer. Sign up today!

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