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Fundamentals APIs Released to Beta

Posted on 30 Oct 2014 by Jason Barry | Announcement

We're happy to announce the Tradier fundamentals APIs being released to beta. This includes 7 new API calls focused around receiving deeper insights into security fundamental information. These APIs encapsulate a TON of data points, so we've released them in their entirety to let our customers choose the data they need.

Our source of this data is Morningstar and it is VERY comprehensive including hundreds of fields. We've released some starter documentation and we're working on adding documentation for the all of the fields. If you have specific questions about a field, email us at techsupport@tradier.com.

The endpoints work just like our /markets/quotes endpoints. Instead of the v1 you'll need to use beta to access these APIs. To query for symbols, use a comma-separated list in the symbols query parameter and you should receive data for all symbols. Here is a summary of the new endpoints.

Base URL: https://api.tradier.com/beta

  • Get company information - /markets/fundamentals/company - company information including morningstar ratings, asset classifications, profile and descriptions.
  • Get corporate calendars - /markets/fundamentals/calendars - corporate calendars for the specified companies.
  • Get dividend information - /markets/fundamentals/dividends - dividend calendar and information for the specified companies.
  • Get corporate actions - /markets/fundamentals/corporate-actions - corporate action information such as splits and mergers
  • Get company ratios - /markets/fundamentals/ratios - operational and valuation ratios for companies.
  • Get financial reports - /markets/fundamentals/financials - financial statements, income statements, and historical returns.
  • Get price statistics - /markets/fundamentals/statistics - price statistics such as moving averages and highs/lows.

We haven't enabled Developer Sandbox access to this data just yet, but we hope to in the near future. Have fun with the new data and happy developing!

I Love APIs 2014 Conference Wrap Up

Posted on 10 Sep 2014 by Jason Barry | Event

Dan, Steve and I had a fantastic time at the I Love APIs 2014 event this week. It is easy to forget how fortunate we were to be able to start Tradier with a "digital business" approach from the beginning. So many amazing technology folks are championing APIs in their businesses and even more are seeing tremendous success with their own digital business strategies.

We had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with some of the best-and-brightest minds in technology ranging from small start-ups to huge enterprises all with the same goals in mind: transforming into a digital business. We heard amazing stories from business leaders at companies like Philips, McCormicks, Walgreens, Target and so many others that create great inspiration to us all hoping to achieve a true digital business.

A very big thanks to Apigee for hosting the event and inviting Tradier to particpate and share its story with others.

I Love APIs 2014
Tradier feature during Chet Kapoor's keynote

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